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Corn Crib Mystery Delivery 300

Corn Crib Mystery Delivery 300

$300.00 Regular Price
$150.00Sale Price
Excluding Sales Tax

If you love a good surprise and a great deal listen up!!! A mystery delivery consists of items of our choice. We load them up, way exceeding the cost by a long shot! If you love Corn Crib Merch there's no way you can be disappointed in our mystery boxes..


How much?

We offer boxes starting 25.00 all the way a luxurious box for 300.00

What’s in the boxes?

It's a mix of what we have in inventory. You may find clothes, bags, jewelry, wallets, accessories, and more..

For whom?

Order one for a holiday, birthday or just say to I love you! Of course you should order one for yourself, a well-deserved treat!



These are non-refundable nor are any items in the box exchangeable. If there’s an item you really want we recommend buying that item separately, Boxes are created at our discretion and there’s no guarantee what will be inside.

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