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Corn Crib Boutique

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Welcome to Boutique Owner Jessica's Blog!

" I leave you with this, think of hotel pictures like a dating site..proceed with caution "

I've decided to share my crazy life as a mobile boutique owner in this blog. If you're reading this it's likely you're familiar with Corn Crib. We're a country boho boutique that travels the east coast in a vintage camper. I travel nearly every weekend to a new state, show, farm, market or festival in my camper boutique.

I've been blessed with a supportive tribe of women in my life who enjoy to ride shotgun when I need a travel buddy. One of my goals for this blog is to share some memorable moments and hilarious stories from the road we still crack up at. It's uncommon but if everyone is busy I hit the road alone. Traveling alone has taught me a few lessons that I use today to avoid being the next Dateline (avoid Kentucky rest area bathroom's at midnight).

Driving around the east coast I've met some colorful characters. The majority of people have been a true joy but there's a few I wish I could forget (which brings me back to being a woman, alone and traveling ). I can't wait to tell you about Bernadeen, a seventy year old woman who sells wine-slushies, carries a megaphone and has a Georgia accent that'll melt your heart.

So there's the travel, the people and then there's the logistics of it all; booking hotels, staying in AirBnBs, packing and driving. I'll definitely share my words of wisdom on these topics but for today I leave you with this, think of hotel pictures like a dating site, proceed with caution and YUP I've been hotel catfished.

To conclude my blog's introduction, hopefully I can make you giggle from time to time. I hope my blog give's you insight into small business ownership. I hope you can travel safer and more efficient with my tips. Most importantly I hope I can inspire you to take risks and place bets on yourself in life.

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