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Concrete Cowgirl Perfume

Concrete Cowgirl Perfume

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⚡️ CONCRETE COWGIRL ⚡️ Concrete Cowgirl is the untamed woman sitting in a dimly lit cocktail bar, flickers of candlelight revealing velvet booths and a sleek polished mahogany bar top. Warm, sophisticated and utterly addictive. Described as hauntingly familiar - one whiff and you will have it stuck in your head all day, kind of like your favorite catchy song that never gets tired. Inspired by: The juxtaposition of city adventures and untamed spirits. With notes of: Saffron Jasmine Amber Cedarwood FEELS LIKE: Crazy days, city lights, hidden alleys, and the fearless allure of a modern cowgirl navigating the bustling streets on horseback. A perfect date-night scent, it's sweet, luxurious, and sexy. 

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